President and Prime Minister of Finland back plan to join NATO “without delay” due to threat from Russian land-grab

By Billykaren Beaufort

HELSINKI, Finland (BKNN)— Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin are in agreement on their plan to bring #Finland into the NATO fold. In a joint statement, they said, “NATO membership would strengthen Finland’s security. As a member of #NATO, Finland would strengthen the entire defense alliance.”

photo of cathedral near buildings and river
Photo by Tapio Haaja

“Finland must apply for NATO membership without delay,” they said. “We hope that the national steps still needed to make this decision will be taken rapidly within the next few days.”

To which #Russia’s Foreign Ministry responded, “If Finland joins NATO, it will “inflict serious damage to Russian-Finnish relations as well as stability and security in Northern Europe.” A direct threat to the established Finnish democracy by Russian autocrat Putin at the end of his reign, further threatening “…retaliatory steps of military/technical and other characteristics in order to counter the emerging threats to it’s national security.”

The state by the ministry mirrors the idea by Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov’s earlier statement that this decision by Finland would not help stability and security in Europe. He stated that Russia response would be dependent on NATO’s move to expand it military infrastructure closer to Russian Boarders.

Putin looking over a map of the old Russian Empire
Putin over map of old Russian Empire

At this point, Russia seems more like a desperate animal fighting for its life, however, the real enemy is Putin and his paranoia and other mental health issues. The Russian people are suffering and will suffer for decades to come due to this megalomaniac’s whims and insecurities. It’s time for the Russian people to depose #Putin and bring their country into the modern era of world markets and diplomacy. The days of cold wars and siege tactics has passed and Putin is a relic from an era long past.

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