The rise of American fascism and why people like Lucas Kunce from Missouri may be our best hope to save America – Country Over Party

This is an opinion piece from an independent journalist.


Been following this guys message and have finally made the decision of giving him my vote soon.

I’m not telling you who to vote for, but I would like you all to check out his page and platform, because I believe many of you will see that he would be good for Missouri, at least better than the out of touch trash we have in DC now. This whole political scam of us all being pitted against each other by the elite and their political mouthpieces for their gain at our expense is getting old.

We don’t need to agree on anything, except that my freedom and your freedom is more important than any politician trying to make us hate each other while they profit off everything we do.

My morals are not yours and yours are not mine. I would never expect to force you to conform to my beliefs, and I would expect all of you give me and others the same respect. We are all entitled to opinions, we are not entitled to expect everyone to agree with them or to conform to our world views.

If you oppose something, don’t try to take it from someone else that doesn’t oppose it… How would you see that as fair? We all do things others oppose, and we have the right to air our opinions, but mark my word, if we don’t start treating each other like human beings, America is on its way to a horrible civil war. I don’t think most of us want to kill one another over ideology, at least one would hope?

We have to learn to disagree without going into a full on political battle, nothing gets done when that happens. Stagnation in today’s rapidly changing world will turn America into a fascist totalitarianism, and the party that overthrows the government because the people allow them to, will be the ones that take control. Could be the #DoNothingDems or the #WrongTurnRepubs , but if we don’t learn to stand by each other when the time comes, America will fall, and you will see what real Fascism looks like.

I’m not for either party, I hate them both vehemently, but this person is like the good old politicos that were more in touch with us regular folk here back home. 👍🇺🇸💛🦁

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