Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed as First Black Female Supreme Court Justice: and then Republicans Walk Out…

This is an opinion piece, and may contain language some find distasteful, if you are one of those people, stop reading now! This article is not for you!


While neither party seems to be doing much of anything these day, the republican party really owns the trophy for man-child tantrums.

After denying President Barack Obama’s nominee on based on obtuse and self-serving logic, then, ramming through not one, but three Trump supreme court nominees prior to the fall of his traitorous regime, the republican party continues to show their own pettiness and just how self-serving and out of touch this party has become.

Video footage showed several Republican senators leaving their seats and heading to the exits as applause ensued in the chamber after the Senate voted 53-47 to confirm her to the Supreme Court on Thursday with three republican’s joining their democratic colleagues to secure the nomination. Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine and Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah all voted yay to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson as the first black female surpeme court justice and making history. 

Meanwhile, the “slime ball brigade” can be seen gathering their things and exiting the senate chamber. The typical self-serving pieces of shit including Ted Cruz, senator from #Texas during what is likely his last term is one of handful of #GOP members to walk out in his typical childish tantrum style.

CNN chief political correspondent, Julia Borger, noted that Republicans had shown “disrespect” toward Jackson, and singled out Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who she said had been late for the vote, and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who she said had not been admitted to the Senate chamber because he wasn’t wearing a tie and had to cast his “no” vote from the cloakroom instead. 

“Whether you agree with the outcome or not, you need to pay this woman the respect that she is due. And you need to do that for any Supreme Court nominee,” said Borger.

Not so notably, infamous Sen. Josh #Hawley (alleged senator from Missouri, but no longer has an actual address/residence in the state), used his white trash political theater and rhetoric to try to mislead the American people about Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s past record in what was an obvious call to the idiots in the #QAnon movement to show their asses.

Final thoughts…

America is on the verge of a revolution, and if we do not restructure our system of government to be more in line with modern times and elect actual leaders who make decisions based on pragmatic thought, we are destined to fall under the rule of a totalitarian regime, funded by the elite American oligarchs that currently control things through the plutocracy we live under. Open your eyes and your ears everyone! Neither the democrats nor the republicans care for the American people anymore, they are all there to grift as much as they can while they constantly keep us all fighting to keep people ignorant to their power grabbing ways.

Look for a leader when you go to vote, not a dictator. It’s obvious that most American’s don’t want to be responsible for anything but themselves, so they elect leaders that seem to take some responsibility away. When you start letting a bunch of out of touch politicians (all current parties) make every decision for you, you are slowly starting to give them the ability to take your freedom as well!

Stop the elite!!!

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