WHO | Volunteer Healthcare Workers Helping Provide Needed Care in the Ukraine

LVIV, Ukraine (BKNN) – On 7 March 2022, volunteer healthcare workers, such as doctors and psychiatrists, are assisting Ukrainians during their escape from the war-mongering Putin’s Russian invasion. These are mainly women and children, displaced by the Russian invasion, who are arriving at the city’s Central Station. These people have fled areas of active conflict and bombardment, and have had to leave other family members behind. For many, their final destination is Poland.

Video Transcript:

Orest Suvalo, Volunteer Psychiatrist: “People are arriving here directly from the bombed cities, to Lviv, 24 hours on the train, without possibility to visit toilets or to make a movement. So they are running away from this awful, horrible situations, and they are arriving here like in shock state. This is acute trauma, and we are trying here to stabilize, to provide shelters, to provide some safe space.” 

“It’s quite possible to predict that the consequence of these events will be much more widespread and we will need much more psychosocial support and mental health care for all population.”

people in the street protesting against war - Volunteer Healthcare Workers article
Photo by Matti on Pexels.com

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