Twitter Trolls, White Trash, and Shit-stirrers

Do you have a great story with a Twitter troll, white trash, and/or shit-stirrer story you would like to share?

How many twitter trolls do you deal with daily? Writing news and stories about things people don’t want to be brought to the publics attention will often trigger people, especially the elite or their idiot lackeys. Twitter and other online communities have became a breeding ground for trolls and foreign and domestic hackers.

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The best way to deal with most of them is to simply ignore them, or just just report and block the account. Most likely they will have multiple accounts, so be prepared to deal with an onslaught of shit comments for a brief moment.

They are just elated by getting blocked as they feel they have made some kind of conquest, when all they’ve actually done is lost an avenue to direct their ignorance towards, so who is the real loser?

These types of trolling comments are typically written by someone less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age who is either employed by a foreign government (Like Putin’s Russia) or who’s mom is making them Mini-Pizza-Bagles and they are still living at home, in their 30s, 40s, and yes, even their 50s, in mommy’s basement. They are often racist, and don’t have any real friends, but feel like they have a ton due to their online “friends”. Sad souls to be honest, we actually feel a little bit of sorrow for them… Who the hell are we kidding, grow the fuck up and grow some hair on your sac!

Thanks for the memories…

It never ceases to amaze how often we see trolls pop up in our various comment feeds. We always appreciate it, because it means they read our tweets, and if they had any sense or intelligence whatsoever, they would see they are helping boost our visibility; thank you so much for that! We had a particular coward/internet Rambo today that let us know they think our writing is trash, yet it took the time out of its oh-so-busy day to comment on little-ol-me’s twitter feed. We feel so special! See below and feel free to leave it a comment and thank it or contact them directly if you’re really bored @DaRiddler79 on twitter! It may even be a bot, either way it is an it 😉.

Final Thoughts…

A lot of people out there may not like our down to earth, frank writing tone, and we couldn’t give less of a fuck whether you read our writing or not, cheers! we don’t live at home in mommy’s basement, and writing news and other random stuff is our hobby. So #troll away baby and please do keep visiting our twitter feed and commenting, we love the visibility boost. Since you barely have over 100 followers on Twitter, maybe this will help boost your following since it seems no one cares to read the trash you write. 🤣

Peace out, and please, your hate would be much better directed at the rich #elite who control most of the media and the books you read to keep you ignorant and fighting amongst your peers. Or maybe, just maybe you are one of their lackey’s and got them to pay you a little so you can buy that cool piece of armor you’ve been wishing for in your #MMORPG that mom said you could buy if you save your money! Hate the rich that make you believe we are enemies, because we are humans, they treat us like cattle. Pay attention and you will start to see the patterns too!

You know what pisses them off though, when you call them out for their 🐂💩 publicly and get all the glory from their trolling attempt. Unless it’s a bot… but hell, who really cares as long as they keep sending twitter impressions and views our way, and inspiring fun articles like this one.

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Maybe this will help you get a few new followers, who knows? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

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