Trump Shows True Colors and Just Admitted He Wants Supreme Power

In his recent cult rally, Trump all but admitted he wants to be the Dictator/Supreme Ruler of the United States of America and kill democracy and freedom!

In this video clip from a recent #Trump rally, Trump talks about a potential 2024 run, and then goes completely off the rails and starts talking about making anyone working under the umbrella of the executive branch fireable by the president!  Wait, what?!?  

This is a play from the old #dictator playbook, and was one of the first steps other fascists have used in the past to consolidate power on their way to totalitarian control.  Trump is following the playbook written by past fascist totalitarian people like Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Putin, and others.  

We need new leadership!  Trump and Biden are both relics from another generation, one wants to use the presidency for fame and power, and the other does very little except “biden’” his time and waiting for his term to end.  Both men are geriatric at this point, and neither is a powerful or intelligent enough choice to keep America strong and relevant into the future.

Final Thoughts…

Looking forward to 2024’s Presidential Election, we need to make this about the country!  We must quit letting these two parties, funded and controlled by the elite and ultra-rich who hide the money trails, keep pushing their bullshit propaganda.  They do this to keep the American people fighting amongst ourselves while they just keep raping the system and we, the working class, keep paying their way like fools!  Everything that the rich and every single current politician does, is to keep our attention diverted from what they are really doing… Controlling everything, and getting wage-slave labor to keep propping them up.  They keep making everyone believe that things are good.

This has been going on for centuries, and the elite control everything from education to politics through propaganda and inciting discourse among the American people.  When will people wisen up and stand up to these Money Monarchs!

… and remember, a vote for Trump is a vote for fascist Russian control of America!

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