Pillow power: Snuggle up with a Zelenskyy pillow | [Video]

Czech designer Tomas Brinek has created a fun and novel way to raise money for Ukrainians suffering from the #Russian invasion and war in their country – making pillows bearing the portrait of their president, Volodymyr #Zelenskyy, who he says has become a sex symbol for some.

STORY: Brinek, who runs a satirical #Instagram channel called TMBK which has more than 540,000 followers and usually pokes fun at #politicians, said his limited edition of hand-made pillows has attracted more than 2,000 orders and raised some $18,900 for a charity helping Ukrainians affected by the war.

“The idea was really a bit of a joke but there is this serious side that the profits can do some good for Ukraine,” Brinek said, adding that he now planned to make another batch because of strong interest.

The Czech Republic has sent tens of millions of dollars worth of aid to Ukraine and has so far taken in some 270,000 refugees, mostly women and children, fleeing the war.

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