Lest we forget | Judge Rules Kim Davis going to trial for violating marriage rights by denying marriage licenses

ROWAN COUNTY, Ky (BKNN) – Kim Davis may not be known for her pragmatism, however the same wasn’t true for US district judge, David Bunning.

Kim Davis Mugshot
Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk – Kim Davis (mugshot)

Friday, Judge Bunning ruled that two longstanding lawsuits involving Kim Davis, former Rowan county clerk, and two same-sex couples… Or as most people that live in 2022 call them two couples, could move forward to trial.

Bunning’s reasoning was that Davis “cannot use her own constitutional rights as a shield to violate the constitutional rights of others while performing her duties as an elected official”. Taxation without representation is one of the lesser bigoted crimes committed under the guise of religious freedom. She forgot that her morals are not everyone’s morals, and that she was being paid by tax payer funds to do her job, nothing more, nothing less!

“It is readily apparent that Obergefell recognizes Plaintiffs’ 14th-amendment right to marry,” the judge cited, referencing the landmark same-sex marriage Obergefell v Hodges decision from 2015. “It is also readily apparent that Davis made a conscious decision to violate plaintiffs’ right.” She took it upon herself to refuse to issue all marriage licenses in her county, claiming it was against “her” religion.

It’s almost humorous how much of a hypocrite Kim Davis was and is, because she has been married 4 times to 3 different men. The first three ended in divorce. She conceived twins during a scandalous affair with one man (her third husband) while married to another (her first husband). Now her current husband, who was her second husband has adopted the twins.

She saw a perceived wickedness in herself for being a whore, and has now made it her personal vendetta to force her morals on anyone she thinks doesn’t hold up against her deluded moral values.

Final Thoughts…

  • What is subjective – for those of you that aren’t the best English speakers (or the I speak American crowd):
  • sub·jec·tive | səbˈjektiv |adjective – based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions: his views are highly subjective | there is always the danger of making a subjective judgment. Contrasted with objective.
    • dependent on the mind or on an individual’s perception for its existence.
  • Your morals are not our morals, and our #morals are not yours. You do you, and let others do their thing.
  • Stop demanding everyone conform to your belief system, it has never and will NEVER happen!
  • Freedom of religion doesn’t mean that Christians get to force their beliefs down others’ throats. It means everyone can worship as they please, who they please, or not at all. It’s not the “Christian Only Protection Law.”
  • Laws should be based solely on pragmatism, and enforced pragmatically. America is a mess right now, and the Democrats and Republicans haven’t actually solved any real problems in years. Our politicians putter around Washington, DC and get rich off of back-office deals and insider trading while keeping all of us bickering with each other, so the #elite / ultra-wealthy can do what they want by bribing every politician on capitol hill! #Pragmatocracy is the only way forward out of these dark ages of stupidity.
  • We think she is just a bitch, will continue to be one, and has always been one. Probably all or part of the reason behind her several divorces!
  • Religion (or lack of for that matter) shouldn’t be a weapon to force your personal views on anyone else!
  • These are our opinions, form your own! Hopefully based on objectivity and pragmatism and not on bullshit subjective dogma!

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