Insane Russian Propagandist, Traitorous Tucker Carlson is everything he swears he is the enemy of?

Tucker Carlson the Traitorous #FameWhore has himself so convinced of his own lies that he thinks he is some king of hero…

In the image below, it is clear that , the renowned Putin Puppet – Tucker Carlson is  not only a traitor to America, he is a delusional piece of shit that believes his own bullshit!  He is endangering lives and he is hurting your wallet #America! According to FoxNews (probably written by Old #TraitorTucker himself), “Tucker Carlson Tonight is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. We ask the questions that you would ask – and demand answers. “

Russian Propagandist Tucker Carlson - Fox News About the Show ScreenClip
ScreenClip from FoxNews

Now who actually believes one word of this insanity, and obvious fake news from old #Satinist Tucker other than the handful of ignorant, non-thinking drones that still watch him.  Most everyone else knows that Tucker Carlson is a piece of shit and should be tried for treason in the federal courts. He must be his own sworn enemy according to this, because all he does is lies terribly, is an obvious deluded narcissist, and is one smug bastard who promotes group think. It’s even extremely possible he is a #KGB mole that was planted years ago after training in Russia in his youth to do exactly what he is doing now! Foment unrest in the United States of America! Sound far-fetched? Well it’s not, any more than the one-sided non-sourced shit stories he feeds his viewers.

Now you all know, we are all for freedom of speech and freedom of the press.  But Tucker Carlson is not press… he is a sensationalist who panders fantasies, falsities, and lies created in his depraved little mind.  When Carlson is not working as a Russian Mouthpiece and spewing #Putin propaganda, you can find him with his nose so far up #Trump’s ass that it’s a surprise he found time for something else.  Oh wait, Trump has became irrelevant in the scheme of things. 

Trailing thoughts… 

Speaking of irrelevant, why is it taking Geriatric “Joe” #Biden, the #EU, and members of #NATO so long to shut Russia down.  Every day the world lets Putin play dictator, the more innocent people are being murdered.  Old Vlad “The Impaler” Putin is also feeling like the world is scared of him, and none of us want a scared coward madman like Putin with his finger on the nukes.  Hopefully the #Russian people and the Russian Military will stand up and depose Putin and put him on trial for war crimes and genocide!

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