Defiant Owl Poos on an Australian Sign Interpreter Mike Webb | BKNN LOLBitz

QUEENSLAND (BKNN) – An unexpected interruption by an owl at a Queensland Australia news conference on Wednesday has left the usually silent Australian Sign Language (Auslan) interpreter the center of attention.

Auslan interpreter, Mike Webb, received an unappreciated and unexpected gift from above while signing mid-news conference when an owl relieved itself on his face and jacket.

After a brief expletive, Webb paused briefly as he took off his jacket and wiped his face with an offered handkerchief, before continuing with the news conference without skipping a beat.  What a hero!

This isn’t the first time news conference in Queensland has been derailed by local wildlife. In December of 2021, a giant huntsman spider crawled up the health minister’s leg as she addressed the media.  Can you imagine?

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