And I am telling you… He’s not Going… He’s the worst Russian that’s ever lived… Pu Pu Pu Putin (Op-Ed)

OP-ED (BKNN) – Ok world, time for a no more bullshit stance on Putin and his land grab.

We’ve already been through this several times in the last few centuries, and as the old adage says, “Those who do not (refuse to) learn from history are doomed to repeat it!”  So why are we letting one tiny little insignificant man start what is obviously already World War 3?  Is it because it’s good for business?  Is humanity becoming too enlightened for the wealthy and elite to keep us under their control, so they are letting this pursue as a distraction.

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The entire so-called free world has been ran by the wealthy for eons.  Everything you’ve been taught has been carefully curated by the #elite and filtered down through the governments through the education systems to make you think like they want you to think.  The elite do not like free-thinkers like myself and my readers and will always work to crush any resistance to their power.  Many a thought and emotion you have been brainwashed to believe is a lie.  So, when you start to analyze your response to these feelings and try to justify them, realize you are doing exactly what the elite and ultra-wealthy have engrained in your mind since you entered the public school system!

Now armed with this knowledge, remember to only believe half of what you see and read; remember the elite control most forms of media.  Also, question your reactions and thoughts to everything, if you think something is good or bad, is it because you personally know it to be good bad, or is it because you’ve been brainwashed to believe that it is good or bad?  

Enlightenment feels good doesn’t it!

Once you start seeing through their brainwashing techniques, you will become a true free-thinker.  You will realize that most of what goes on globally is all orchestrated by an International Plutocracy, where they highest bidders play with the lives of all the other humans.  The elite see most of humanity as needy people who can’t survive without them.  They are sociopaths and do not feel emotion like we do, they have been taught in private schools that teach them how to stay elite, and teach them that the rest of the world are just livestock and machinery to do their bidding.  Their only goal is to keep control and keep the machine working and not to let the herd wisen up enough to stampede!

Final Thoughts:

There are two #pragmatic options to deal with Putin

  1. Putin has to be silenced and imprisoned, along with every single one of his yes-men!
  2. Putin has to be assassinated with a precision strike, and someone besides the US should be put to the task.

The Russian people are generally good, it’s their totalitarian psychopath dictator Putin, and his mental disorders, that are the problem.  Putin is stuck in Soviet Russia, and is now trying to dictate to the world how his war is going to go.  If the world is paying attention, it’s easy to see that he is not likely to stop with the Ukraine.  Putin has never been elected, he was handed power by Boris Yeltzen and had keep the ballot boxes stuffed since to give the illusion of a free election.  

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Make no mistake, Putin is an autocrat, and has never been an ally to Democracy or the west.  He is a one man show, hellbent on recreating the USSR, but this time, he wants it to be bigger and more under his control than Russia was during the Stalin era.

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If you sang the title like Dreamgirls’ “And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going” then get outta my head! 😉


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