Tucker Carlson: a traitor to America and a Russian Propaganda Machine!

Tucker Carlson is a national security threat and should be arrested immediately and charged with treason!

Not only is Tucker Carlson an admitted liar, but he is also a traitor to the America people, all of us, from the Left, Right, and Center!  He is on a mission to create chaos and further our #Russian enemies’ agendas! 

Tucker Carlson is a Traitor to America and everyone who loves our country!

Carlson was apparently not content just letting his verbal diarrhea flow as propaganda for the #elite, he has now turned his back on America in favor of his Russian Comrades!  Yes, you heard that right, the Russians are using Tucker Carlson clips to promote their Invasion of the Ukraine.  Your gas, groceries, and other things are going to go up more and more every month this war continues.  Don’t let the #DoNothingDemocraths and the #WrongTurnRepublicans fool you with their forked tongues,

Hey Tucker, are you trying to make sure you have a job if the Axis of Evil happens to win the upcoming World War 3, Да (da)?  Are you practicing your Russian like a good little lapdog for the more evil, smarter version of Trump, Fascist Dictator Putin (Путин)! 

A traitor by any other name is still a traitor…

I do not know how anyone can stand or be dumb enough to listen to this son-of-a-bitch traitor!  He looks like someone’s goofy uncle that can’t wait to touch all the nephews and nieces while he is babysitting them during Christmas shopping!   Even funnier, Tucker Carlson, allegedly, is a pedophile according to some sources; allegations that are likely true!

Tucker Carlson is nothing but traitor trash and the fact that Fox News lets him spew Russian propaganda proves they are guilty of the same!  He was a little rich bastard who got his way, probably got picked on in school for being a douche, and now he has enough idiots following him to pay his salary!  That’s one hell of a conman right there!  I wonder what Putin has offered him. 

Someone needs to drag Tucker Carlson to the federal courts for a treason hearing, he is putting your wallet and American lives in danger.  Most of the major media outlets are bad, and often sensationalize or spin their stories for viewership; here at BKNN we try to bring you the news without the bull shit!  We can’t stand either party and are tired of the American Plutocracy where the richest are making the rules and saying fuck all the other American people!  Thank you for taking the time to read and for all your support! 

Final thoughts…

  • Tucker Carlson is traitor trash
  • The Democrats and the Republicans sell their vote and signature to the highest bidder
  • Until EVERYONE quits letting the elite propaganda make you mad at your neighbor over literally nothing more than an idea, they are going to keep dry fucking America and bleeding every cent they can out of your hard work!
  • Think outside the box y’all!
  • Pragmatocracy is the only way forward!

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