Why do the Elite live longer? Hint: It’s not their diet!

Boy, the right feels marginalized, and the left feels marginalized. But you know who is really marginalized? Gen X’ers right in the ‘sumbitchin’ middle. All we had in the last election was a bunch of Geriatric’s, baffon’s, and one millenial, where the “f” were the Gen X peeps?

I think most of us have learned to try to tow the line in the middle and let you dumbasses do the shit work of governing, but you’ve done a shit job, so it is time for us to get back to centrist politics and getting shit done. The #DoNothingDemocrats, The #WrongTurnRepublicans, and even the #TrumpCult #Trump’ers haven’t accomplished shit in decades.

Corporations have, and the #elite have, with money, the money they are grubbing and we bust our asses to keep providing for them! #Greed is keeping the propaganda flowing to make you feel your life is good, that things will get better, when you know they won’t. They will seem to, but you will age, you will have shitty healthcare because of the costs, and you will have worked for no one but the #UltraRich – That is the way, until enough people realize it and put a stop to it!

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