It’s the one of the many ways the #elite keep control. All of the elite are in a #cabal with one another, #Democrats and #Republican, and any all of the ultra-wealthy, world wide, are pulling the strings for everything.

This man explains it quite well. I am not sure who he is, but his point is blatantly obvious, and only and idiot would not think he is speaking #TruthSpeak y’all. Pay attention and don’t be a #dumbass! I am sure with a little research you will see proof of what he is saying, and this is obviously older, so it will be more noticeable today than it was even when this was made.

Do your own research, don’t rely on the #elite because they will continue to provide you with nothing more than propaganda to keep you docile. They’ve got it down to an art and have been doing it for decades, maybe even centuries and passing along the secret art to their protégés!

Elite Dumb Down Everyone Chemically

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