Sharyl Attkisson – I smell 🐂💩 coming from “Dangerous and Desperate for Attention” y’all!

Funny how there are two sides to every story, and both sides of this one stink to high heavens! Also funny how Sharyl Attkisson always creates and picks “the one” with the “written for dumbasses” headline!

She claims she isn’t partisan but it’s blatantly clear she is another #Trump Cultist and a mouthpiece for the #TrumpParty is about as partisan as they come, pu-leese lady, only and idiot would actually believe the crap you, Trump, Biden, and all the other #elites and #wannabes spew. 🧿💩

Sharyl Attkisson at the Redneck Country Club 02
Sharyl Attkison – Redneck Country Club, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

All of the #ELITE – Including #BIDEN, #TRUMP, Sharyl Attkison and every other politician and most media personalities right now from either of the controlling political parties or major networks, Same end game = keeping our dumb asses fighting with each other so we don’t notice that they are paying barely living #wages to the working class, while we bust our asses to stock their pantries, closets, and bank accounts! #NouveauPatriot 💛🦁🇺🇸 #CountryOverParty #NoOppression #PeopleFirst #PeopleOverProfits #StopTheElite

Trump’s lies and DoubleSpeak Are Starting to Catch Up with him! 🧿 Eyes Open BK Besties!Predictions for Election 2022 Senate Midterms

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