Puny Putin Orders Nuclear Forces to Be At the Ready

Putin Orders Nuclear Forces to Be At the Ready

Kyiv, Ukraine (BK News), Autocrat Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (Самодержец Владимир Путин) – showing a sign of weakness in the Ukraine incursion has ordered his Nuclear Forces to be at the ready.  This is an obvious sign that things are not going as planned for Russia and that President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian Military is putting up one hell of a fight. 

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Of course, Putin is blaming #NATO for making “aggressive statements”.  Many have feared this to be Putin’s intent by design for a reason to start a nuclear war.  Putin is extremely unpopular with the Russian people at this point.  It is unnerving to see a geriatric psychopath realizing their mortality and trying to create chaos and destruction as one of their final defiant acts!

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A senior U.S. defense official told the AP under conditions of anonymity that #Putin is, “potentially putting in play forces that, if there’s a miscalculation, could make things much, much more dangerous.  If you have never heard of Mutually Assured Destruction (#MAD), this may come as a shocker, but we all know that the USA and Russia would both rather destroy each other and the planet than admit one of them are wrong!  Mutual assured destruction (MAD) is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of nuclear weapons by two or more opposing sides would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender (see pre-emptive nuclear strike and second strike).

With tension mounting, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s administration announced that the two sides will be meeting Sunday for discussion at an undisclosed location along the Belarusian border.  No one knows what the Kremlin’s end game is, so knowing what to bring to the negotiation table to satisfy any of Putin’s demands may present a challenge.  If negotiations are even possible at this point.

“I do not really believe in the outcome of this meeting, but let them try, so that later not a single citizen of Ukraine has any doubt that I, as president, tried to stop the war,” President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

Meanwhile, battles have been repelled at this point on in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, and there have been periodic battles in and around Kyiv.  The strategic ports in the country’s south have also been under attack by the #Russian military.

Sanctions, Military Aid, and more…

In only 4 days, this #invasion has prompted Western allies to present an unprecedented economic, political, and strategic response.  The European Union has, for the first time ever, has committed to sending an approximately $501 million (€450 million) arsenal to the Ukraine to help them repel the Russian #invaders.  The EU and Canada has also closed all airspace to Russian planes.  They have also banned Russian media outlets #RT and #Sputnik.

In some of the strongest economic sanctions of our era, Europe and the USA committed over the weekend to banishing Russian Banks from the SWIFT system.  SWIFT is the main global payments system, and while SWIFT does not actually move money, it functions as a middleman to authenticate information of transactions by providing secure financial messaging services to over 11,000 banks in more than 200 countries.

Final Thoughts

When will Putin stop, what is his endgame?  Is he on his death bed, and has decided to try to take the world out with him?  Is this World War III (#WW3)?

It’s apparent that Putin is insane and is surrounded by yes-men.  He is a psychopathic genocidal maniac who is out of touch with reality.  He is not being pragmatic or calculated.  Dealing with Putin and Russia at this point is like checking the gun powder cache with a sparkler!  Don’t hate the Russian People though, there are many of them who are innocent and do not want this war either, blame Putin and the idiots who follow him blindly.  His lackeys are worse than #TrumpCultists and #BidenCultist

We need to move towards a more modern system of government and throw off the shackles of the past.  Pragmatocracy is the only way we are going to keep this world a sustainable place for future generations of humanity! We must put our country over these antiquated political parties with outdated and ineffective ideas.  A modern society needs a modern form of government and a modern polynomic economic system.

“We are afraid that Russia is not going to stop in #Ukraine.”

U.S. Ambassador to the #UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield told the U.N. Security Council: “This is another escalatory and unnecessary step that threatens us all. We urge Russia to tone down this dangerous rhetoric regarding #nuclear weapons.”

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