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🗞 Kyiv Rocked By Explosions Before Dawn!

Kyiv Rocked by Explosions

Sources say that as Western leaders scheduled an emergency meeting, that explosions sounded across the Ukraine, including in the Capital city of Kyiv. 

“Russia has embarked on a path of evil, but Ukraine is defending itself and won’t give up its freedom,” Zelenskyy tweeted. As his hold to power was noticeably waivering, he called for more extreme sanctions than those previously passed by the Ukraines Western allies.  Zelenski also ordered his military to full mobilization for at least 90 days.

He ended a video address with an emotional speech with a plea, “the fate of the country depends fully on our army, security forces, all of our defenders.” He also noted the country had heard from Moscow that “they want to talk about Ukraine’s neutral status.”

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The Ukrainian parliament declared a state of emergency earlier this week.  One day later Putin ordered the Russian invasion onto Ukrainian soil. 

The World Watches

The Ukrainian military is being castrated by the Russian regime, after Putin said in a recent in a briefing,  through Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, “Russia’s attack on Ukraine was dictated only by our national interests and concern for the future.”  Meanwhile, western allies scramble to impose new and more extreme measures on Putin and his fellow Oligarchs.  

Not one ally has mentioned possible military assistance at this time.

Everyone is worried that it would begin World War III ( World War 3 ) if anyone sends military aid to the Ukraine, giving Russia and Putin free rein to do what they want.

Capitalist cowards from the USA and other Western democracies apparently do not see enough value in the resources afforded by the Ukraine to offer any real help, or they are just scare of Putin.  I am sure his rich cronies are going to start putting the pressure on him since their funds are getting restricted, but will it do any good?  He already knew of the sanctions that would be imposed if he invaded the Ukraine, and after weighing out the Pros and Cons, still decided to invade.

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Who is next?

Now the the Soviet Russian Machine has awoken, are they goin to continue to re-acquire what they believe is still theirs. Look out #Finland, Lookout Eastern #Germany, we have a feeling #Putin is feeling nostaligic.

The Elite are Dumbing Down Society

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