From Russia with Love – The Valentine’s Day War

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone, everyone except the 10s of thousands of #Russian troops that #Putin has lined up along the boarder of #Ukraine.

If he is reforming the #SovietUnion, then it would be my opinion that #America keep their damned noses out of it. We haven’t been doing so hot here lately either, which is apparent after seeing the bumbling buffoon #Trump and Geriatric Joe #Biden! You damned right I said it, one is an old idiot, and the other is a forgetful old man, either way they are old, and no longer fit to run much more than a golf cart at this point. I am only saying what most of you are or should be thinking so calm your tit! Just the one tit though, let the other one hang free, because that one is your party tit!

Russian Terminal - Soviet Union
Photo by Mehrnaz Taghavishavazi on Unsplash

Keep your eyes open, keep your noses in your own business, and try to love one another. Don’t let the elite keep you #OPPRESSED as they have for several centuries already, it’s time to rise up and support equality for all the oppressed! #CountryOverParty

So will we have a Valentine’s Day War? Who cares, it isn’t America’s business!

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