Breaking News | In an Epic Shift, Germany Reverses Ban on Weapons Sales to the Ukraine

Breaking News | In an Epic Shift, Germany Reverses Ban on Weapons Sales to the Ukraine

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As the Russian forces arrive on the outskirts of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, Germany / Deutschland has made an epic position shift and made the monumental decision to send weapons to the #Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian president Zelensky announced, “We will fight for as long as needed to liberate our country!”  Sources report that the current fighting near the outskirts of Kyiv appears to be a small group of forward #Russian troops, which on the surface appears to be a clearing of a path for a larger #Russian advancement to follow.

#Putin  claims that the #Russian assault is supposed to be only targeting military targets, however, many civilian building, such as schools, bridges, residential areas, and more have been destroyed since this invasion began.

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As of Saturday night, the Russian military has started closing in on the city of Kyiv, with the UK and US officials noting the Russian forces were about 19 miles (30.58 kilometers) from the city’s center.  Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials have reported some success in fending off the Russian assaults, while it’s people seek safety underground.

Final thoughts…

As all the world governments are turning their back on the Ukraine, #Germany has stepped up in hopes of keeping the Russian forces from knocking on their eastern boarder.  The other countries that are all showing cowardice against Russia as it bullies a much smaller country just goes to show that #Capitalism is selfish, and unless you have something of value to a capitalist countries like the UK or #America are not going to do much to help you.  

USA, UK, France, Australia!  Where are your troops, supplies, and weapons to help defend your fellow Ukrainian Democracy?  Or is Germany the only country brave enough to step up to the plate! 

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