Ayn Rand is a Jewish Atheist Russian from a privileged Family who wrote a book about her shitty life, and Republicans Idolize her! – PSA

by BillyKaren Beaufort

#Republicans idolize Ayn Rand and her idea of a selfish and hateful life.

What most of you probably don’t know is Ayn Rand is a #Russian Jewish Atheist girl from a privileged family who lost their wealth during the Russian Revolution & wrote a romance novel that teaches that being selfish is good?!? Ayn Rand is the hero of the #GOP and Republican party!

And just so you know, #Democrats have the same #endgame .

They are all #Elitists! They promote intraclass warfare to keep us down so they can use us to keep the money rolling in for their lavish lives.
And we are the idiots who let them! People keep forgetting, politicians power comes from the people, nothing else. If they make the wrong decisions and don’t put #CountryOverParty then they are not patriotic. They want us to live under a layer of garbage and pollution while they live in their ivory towers and watch down on us like the worker bees they have made us be! The saddest and sickest part is that we’ve found some sort happiness being held to the whims of elitists!

Ayn Rand's Ideal living conditions for the Working Class

They want us to live in places like the city in the image and stay out of their way. They believe because they are wealthy, that somehow gives them the privilege of treating anyone that isn’t wealthy like a lower class or 2nd class citizen. Many of them were literally given fortunes from their ancestors and haven’t earned a dime of it, wouldn’t even know how. The system is set up to promote and prop the elite up, and to always keep us dumb and keep us down! The system is designed to keep the selfish supplied with every desire and to keep us with just enough to keep us somewhat happy. Ayn Rand promotes selfish ways in her writings.

You all better be ready for some big changes, you are letting them do this!!!

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