The rich are going to keep lying and telling us all whatever they need to in order to keep us all under their #control… the sooner you realize that the #Oligarchs are running the show, and we work together to enforce class equality, the sooner the world can truly be a better place for everyone.

The rich will turn us against one another if we don’t open our eyes! They would rather destroy the world than give up even the tiniest fraction of their wealth!

-BillyKaren Beaufort
For those brave enough and smart enough not to bend the knee to the new kings, the truth shall be revealed! 🧿 -BK- 🧿

We still have time to save this beautiful planet and humanity. Remember that morality is objective, so mind your own damned business, and let others live by their own moral values, as long as they are not interfering with your personal #liberty. You do you, and love and let live! Love your fellow man. Life is too short and this earth is fragile.

Man shall never know true happiness through money.  Only through compassion and the realization that everyone deserves to pursue their dreams on equal ground
- #DeepThoughts with BillyKaren

#TruthSpeak is something the elite do not like. They try to shut us up. They try to tell people we are crazy. They continue to lie and to keep anyone oppressed they can by any means possible.

The rich will destroy the earth in order to profit. Income inequality will lead to increased oppression and less freedoms and the rich truly become the new kings.

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