What is #DoubleSpeak?

What is DoubleSpeak?

When a person talks out of both sides of their mouth, such as accusing a person of something to one group, and praising the accused to their face.

#Trump said the January 6 #insurrectionists were members of #Antifa; now he is claiming he is going to pardon them? Why the hell would he pardon people he felt were against him??? HE WOULDN’T!!! He knows exactly how to manipulate just enough weak-minded idiots and keep them riled up just enough to stir up trouble for the country and send him money so he can pretend he is still relevant.

Why is America allowing this blatant act of treason to go unpunished?? Hoping he gets to spend at least 6 months in DC jails before his long stint in #NewYork and #Georgia prisons!

Proof of Trump DoubleSpeak

DoubleSpeak is not just limited to tRump💩. The entire GOP and Democrat parties have more #geriatric DoubleSpeaking, lying, grifters trying to keep the “masses” under control! They fight to get elected, then see everyone as livestock for them to control at their whim, for their pleasure and profit, then they pledge loyalty to their party over the people that allow them to be lawmakers in the first damned place! HOW do you all not see how ignorant this is, open your damned ears👂and eyes👁 people!

It won’t be long before they are starting to kill us off or cull us, in order to make sure enough of us that see the truth don’t get powerful enough to ruin their con! Be careful you all, be vigilant, and don’t let the elite take your freedom!

Love y’all! 💛

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