Traitor Tucker Carlson is a propaganda mouthpiece for the elite and for idiots alike!

PSA: This is a personal rant and an opinion piece from an independent journalist. There are expletives and images that may not be suitable for everyone’s taste. If you feel this may bother you, please, self-censor and go back to the homepage and search for one of our other great articles.

Yep, y’all, he is a #fascist, closet queen (come out of that closet girl🌈), racist, narcissistic, piece of white trash! He us a treasonous #traitor to the American people and I told him similar on #Twitter one time & the whiney little bitch reported me so I deleted the post so his itty bitty fragile feelings didn’t get hurt! But guess what Tucker the #Fucker #Carlson💩, this is my part of the metaverse, and you can suck it, we all know you love to anyway🧿! Oh yeah, and fuck your feelings!

Tucker Carlson Dildo
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

And before y’all start shouting about which political party you think I align with, I can tell you right now you are wrong! I can’t stand the #Democrats, #Republicans, or #TrumpCultists. Let’s make one damned thing darn tootin’ clear, I am a #NouveauPatriot, and if you all were smart you would take my lead.

So, this has nothing to do with mainstream politics. I just can’t stand this slimy, greasy, lying, bastard. He is an affront to American Democracy, he is a nazi propaganda sensationalist that is pandering to people that aren’t smart enough to realize that all he is doing is manipulating them, and helping the elite keep the rest of the world down and under control! Most of them are probably not smart enough to spell much more than their name, just like their idol, #FuckerCarlson!

What I don’t get is how the hell you all can stand to look at this goofy ass’s face for very long, let alone listen to the shit that falls out of his mouth! He is the least patriotic piece of treasonous #WhiteTrash that ever set foot on this earth! Fox keeps Tucker Carlson around so that QAnon and other crazy fringe group loonies will watch to be pandered to, hear what they want to hear, instead of the actual truth!

You #Sumbitches are ruining freedom and democracy🇺🇸 for everyone because you are fucking stupid! Mind your own damned business EVERYONE and quit worrying about what strangers are doing, the world will be a much better place once you all realize that.

So next time you see old Traitor Tucker Carlson on TV, turn the channel and watch the news later. If you see Tucker Carlson on a Magazine, throw it in the trash! If you see him in your newspaper, burn it! You have got to quit letting people with bad intent manipulate you people! Tucker Carlson is straight up #EVIL! 👿

PSA: If there are typos, this is a rant, and I didn’t send it through the editor!

– BillyKaren Beaufort

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