Georgia is the 1 thing that can Save America from Radical Right Republican Fascism

Georgia is set to make or break American Democracy

America is at a pivot point, on the verge of becoming a fascist country ran by radical right autocrats.  The saving grace could come from the Georgia runoffs!  The only thing that can save our country as we know it is making sure that Ossoff and Warnock take the senate seats on January 5, 2021. 

Black and White Image. Protestors hold sign that reads, "Stupid People Are Dangerous" and a No-Trump symbol. Georgia Runoff
Photo by Kyle Cleveland on Unsplash

So often we hear the radical right trying to fearmonger with the words socialism and socialist.  What they are trying to scare people with is “state capitalism”, look it up, I’ll wait…  Back?  Great, now that you have educated yourself a bit and have learned what state capitalism is, then you should know that the Democratic party isn’t seeking anything like this, nor is there any risk that America is going to become a socialist country.

Now look up fascism…  This is what the Radical Right Republicans that are following Trump want to force on us.  They want to overthrow democracy and talk of using the military to try to change an election’s outcome; they literally want to throw the will of the people to the curb and wipe their ass with our great constitution.  Never in our history has American freedom and democracy been in such danger!  The Radical Right Republicans are literally trying to cause a civil war to hold on to the presidency.  This is what should scare you!

There is absolutely no evidence of voter fraud, and court after court have thrown out Trump Administration’s feeble attempt to try to circumvent democracy.  We are fighting for democracy, we are fighting against fascism, we are fighting to save our freedom, and we are fighting to save the soul of America.  Make sure you do not let one issue dictate your vote, look at the big picture and do your patriotic duty if you love this country.  Vote Ossoff and Warnock to save America!

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