The Runaway Trump Train

The runaway Trump train has not only let Trump trample the American Constitution but has also skidded onto foreign rails. That could not have happened without a groundwork laid by Russia.

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Trump began his run for the US Presidency as a social renegade. He descended the glitzy escalators of his gaudy tower by labeling Mexicans he didn’t like as rapists and drug runners. He fought his way to the Republican nomination by trashing and mocking his opponents. With outside help he won the prize and his track record of nastiness has gained speed as the law proved no check on his quest for personal gain with the mighty powers of his position.

American forefathers could not foresee a conman like Trump heading the country but even so they set up a system of checks and balances among three branches for the government. One made the law, another put it into practice and a third mediated in the case of conflict. That in itself was foresight from white men to whom “all men” referred to white male landowners. Laws since then have clarified the intent. New laws will have to clarify further after Donald Trump.

Trump is the first American President to defy the Constitutional norma. He has done this by exploiting a supersonic world. He has made a Tweet carry the weight of a Presidential decree, thus throwing out the cumbersome process that distilled the national position both at home and abroad. He has remade the Presidential seat of power into that of Trump. creating an enabling base for unchecked decrees to outlying train depots the world over.

America is singularly complex diverse, well run and still free. Trump grabbed the last of those virtues to trample the others and declare himself an outlaw hero. He has found a sizeable following for that brand that is as flimflam as the his personna of success itself. Once on that track, however, Trump has had no choice but to continue on the ugly path that had snared a base now fatally trapped.

Trump is stuck like an info-loop on terrorizing, defaming and intoning untruths as litanies. At any threat of any sort, he spews venom like a viper. When in doubt, he reaches out to fellow country leaders who are true autocrats, speaking without oversight on either personal or national interests. Publicly, he touts these exchanges as making friends.

The “Deep state” that Trump claims is out to get him is nothing more than the bureaucratic infrastructure that has made the United States as great and stable as it is according with the Constitutional. Tedious as it may be, the human component of the US bureaucracy is dedicated to its job and has no stake in unseating anybody beyond the usual narrow scope of jockeying for promotions. None if any in the “deep state,” aspires to the President’s job. The only contenders are political opponents or the global power glutton Vladimir Putin of Russia.

With Trump as an ally and with an open invitation to interfere in the next election. Putin need not worry about capturing Trump’s job. That leaves political foes for Trump and he follows his previous strategy of trashing them. The same strategy applies to those investigating his activities. As for the base, he continues his reign of terror about invasions with him as the only savior.

With Putin’s help in playing other countries like Ukraine, Trump seemed on the road to success as the Trump train engineer. A preponderance of Trump aggressions against the Constitution has finally gained the momentum needed for intervention. That just may be the wedge that finally splits the base.

A careful, methodical and intensified examination of Trump’s activities is bound to sway a portion of the base to see the light about Trump. As revelations about the Trump global network depots emerge, faith may be shaken when it becomes clear that Trump is acting on his own behalf and not on that of America.

Alas, others currently on the Trump train may become casualties to the strength of truth over fakery. Those Trump loyalists may take solace by getting Trump to revive his defunct Trump University. The faithful can then sign up and learn the skills they’ll need to slip back onto the Trump train wherever it is garaged by then.

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Article Source:

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