Seabreeze Resort & Restaurant in Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Seabreeze Resort & Restaurant in Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Orginally Written – June 2013

Seabreeze Resort is located along M. L. Quezon Ave, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines and is a water park resort.  While the water park itself is very nice, the rooms for overnight rental are just plain scary.  The room rates are low so if you don’t mind sleeping in a room infested with spiders, ants, mosquitos, and lizards, and you are a budget traveler then this may be the place for you.

The rooms at Seabreeze Resort are outdated, but they do have an air conditioner.  You can also request a television in your room if you don’t mind watching one channel and not having any volume controls.  The resort does offer overnight swimming, but one thing to be noted is that swimming is not included in the room rental rate, so you will need to request it at the check-in counter and pay an additional fee.  On check in there is one lady who works there, possibly the owner, who will do her best to ignore any questions you have, in fact, she will try to ignore you all together.

Back to the pools; they are nice and clean, there are two large pools on this property with water slides going in to each pool.  There is also a kiddy pool for the little ones.  On Friday nights they sometimes have live entertainment for the night swimmers, and if you get a room on this night do not expect to get much sleep as the music will be blasting at full volume late into the night.  Surrounding the pool are various pavilions and huts rentals for people that are not staying all night.  On the weekends they are all full of families having reunions, office outing groups, and people that just want to relax and have a swim.  Even though it can be quite crowded, especially on the weekends, the pools are big enough to accommodate the crowds comfortably.

The restaurant is not always open to the public as they also offer private events catering, so make sure to inquire with the resort.  You can usually find their most current contact information on their Facebook page by clicking here.  Please be advised that there are room pictures on their Facebook page, and their typical rooms look nothing at all like what is in the pictures.  You can get the rates information, find out if the restaurant is open, and inquire if there will be live entertainment on the night you plan to stay, however, they will not let you make room reservations and will tell you that it is on a first come first serve basis.

If you are looking for a good place to swim in Metro Manila, try Seabreeze Resort & Restaurant in Taguig.  If you are able to tolerate not so clean rooms and a few critters, you can also stay at this location for a decent price.

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